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  • Posted by mark
  • 4 February 2010



Kim sent round an email this morning warning the Cardigan lot that she and Ade had been experiencing a few punctures lately (probably due to the building work going on next door) and warning everyone to be extra vigilant.

Kim i feel your pain, I've been having the worst luck recently and punctures have become the bane of my life, in this week alone i've already had 3, the amount of glass that get's stuck in my tyres is unbelievable. I have to empty them over the bath each time i replace an inner tube.

Interestingly enough i also just found out this little fact ...

"Punctures come in threes; if you get one, you've a 46.8% chance of getting another each time you go out until you reach your three".

Maybe my luck is about to change!

can anyone beat my 3 in a week???

kit review

  • Posted by ade
  • 14 September 2009

puncture stuffpuncture this morning on the way in. i haven't had a puncture for about 8 months so it was lucky to get a simple repair on a sunny morning with time to spare.

the tube that punctured was on it's last legs. the spare tube was for a mountain bike not a road bike. i had one patch left. my mobile was out of battery. the quick release on the brake wouldn't. the glass/stone holes in the tyre made it look like a tea bag.

it was a nice morning for a warning.

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