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The ride home

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 August 2009

rain night

Last night in London it was raining cats and dogs.  We closed the shop at 8pm and I started my ride home at about 8.15pm.  My shorts were soaked in about 30 seconds - even before I reached Regent Street.  By the time I rode past the US embassy my boxers were saturated.  My ride takes me through Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, along Kensington High Street, into Hammersmith, along the river to Chiswick Bridge, across the bridge, and finally along the river to Kew. My commute is usually pretty great - of the 9.5 miles, I have 5.5 of it on footpaths, singletrack, and towpaths.  However, last night was the best work-related ride I have had in a while.  I stopped and took the above photo of the river at low tide in between Hammersmith and Chiswick bridges - this city always has a surprise up it's sleeve.

New Toys

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 July 2009


Will and I (Ben) have both recently bought new bikes.

I got a  Bianchi Via Nirone and Will a brand-spanking-new 2010 Specialized Allez Sport.

After we finished work yesterday we took them out for a test ride. It had been raining all day and was still bucketing down at 6 o'clock. I think if either of us had been by ourselves we probably would have forgone the ride in favour of a roast dinner, but male pride (or competition/stupidity) meant that we kept to our original pact.

Boy was it wet. Our shoes were filled with water. Our faces were covered in the spray from lorries on the Portway. Our brakes found it hard-going on the steep descents. And then Will kicked my ass on all the hills. Unlike Wiggo, I reckon I need to lose a bit more than 7kg before I can keep up on the ascents!

That said, it was probably still the most fun I've had on a bike!

A bunch of us are aiming to ride from here over to Carnaby St in September (in a friendly gesture rather than attempted coup). Tuesday is the next training day. Can't wait!

Rain, Rain, Rain..

  • Posted by ruben
  • 8 December 2008

it's been pouring with rain all day.

it was raining when we came in this morning, it was raining when we went for lunch, and it looks like it will be raining when we go home.

it's not all bad news, though.

as team rider Dan knows, if you have the right jacket on, even the worst weather can be fun.

Our slate river jackets are avaliable for men and women.

Go on rain, do your worst.

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