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I'm bored

  • Posted by ade
  • 8 November 2010


We decided on a change of scenery for lunch today. The trail round Fforest is getting worn down, and the river is in raging flood. So we headed just out of Cardigan to Moyelgrove to run the Pembrokeshire coastal path towards Newport. The path was not too bad considering the battering we took last night but the change of terrain was a shocker.

The coastal path climbs and falls to every beach, every stream and every valley. It really climbs and falls. If you follow the path in the picture you will see Ruben on the start of the hardest climb of the run. After the steps there is a small rock face then a mud chute. I had to walk the last 100 feet as my lungs were too small to feed the oxygen required by my legs at that point in time.

We ran out for 20 minutes then back. And despite the air only being 6 degrees when the sun came out we ended up hot.

Would love to have run on and on till dark.

In the zone.

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 November 2010

I went for a lunch break run yesterday. I needed to break that spriral you get into at your desk where the to do list has it's own to do list to do and nothing is getting done.

Just a quick 10 km.

The music was set to shuffle and I got up enough speed to get into that red mist zone.

8km in, hot, looking down at the trail covered in autumns finest colours, sucking in air and listening to massive attacks karmacoma I fell into that running  trance. No thoughts, unfocused vision on full auto pilot.  Somewhere I rarely get to on the bike.

Then the calendar bleeped bringing me back to the 3pm meeting I should be at, it was 2.51pm and I was just just over 1.5km from work.

I arrived having bought banana chips 1 minute late cover in sweat, soaked to the skin looking fully flushed.

No one commented.

last minute decision

  • Posted by ade
  • 27 July 2010



ran this morning. 5 miles.

staying in portishead tonight but parents aren't back till late so gonna try running it.

10 miles or more.

here goes...

turning the pain corner

  • Posted by ade
  • 20 July 2010



Yesterday 5th run since I started training again.

Start in the wildlife park at the gate, round the board walk, cross the road, onto the squirrel trail, down to the teifi, along the teifi, swim across the river and back, up the 100 steps, upto fforest, down the squirrel trail and back round the board walk.

35 minutes 26 seconds.

Today6th run. Spiked trainers. Same route, the boardwalk was like running on ice. It was hard to even get propulsion in some places. No swim as the river raged, ruben on my heels 31 minutes 50 seconds. Near best time.

Legs numb from stingers and barmbles.

Coffee at fforest as a reward.

some days it's too hard

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 July 2010



Not a good run.

It was the usual Fforest route, but a stitch stopped me in my tracks. For the first time I had to walk.

Three times actually.

Breathing was forced and painful. I wondered could it be my heart.

Tried? Dehydrated? Ill? Old?

And I have to ride home via Eglwyswrw which is up hill all the way, into a head wind on a fixed.

Oh well.

head to head at howies

  • Posted by ade
  • 8 July 2010

This week Scott from the Cardigan shop, Ruben our web manager, Nathan in Finance and old me signed up to compete in a Survival of the Fittest event on the 3rd of October.

It started as an e-mail challenge from Nathan and has now developed into some quite strong office bravado.

And we are four distinct active humans.

Nathan does both gym work for strength and runs in the real world. He looks lean and has great motivation. He trains regularly

Scott is a strong paddler (check out his blog!), runner, coastering very lean outdoor boy. He's always doing something.

Ruben is a runner and biker who is running good distance weekly and riding the trails at the weekend.

And then there is me. The oldest. (This week I really really thought I was still 37 and I am actually 39) Adhoc biker first and runner. Always covered distance.

So we are pitting ourselves slightly against each other on a 10km run with challenges along the route like walls, steps, swims etc.

So in my preparation I started running again today. The usual 6 miles round fforest but with a swim in the surprisingly warm Teifi along the way and despite 2 months off the pins was only a few minutes off my best. (I've just climbed out in the pic).

My training is going to be real. Bike, legs, trails, river, sea, logs, lifting, scrambling.

And to have a goal, a test, a challenge and a focus is a real zing. I find myself waking up in the night thinking of pace, stride, breathing and getting into that amazing place of pain and focus.

We have entered to leave in the last Wave 12.

Will you race with us? Will you race against us? Enter now.

lunch run and swim

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 April 2010


After a day in meetings looking at new software and meeting a website company, lunch today had to be a run round fforest.

Right out the back or the woods running along the river in the blazing sun it felt right for the first river swim of the year.

I used to skinny dip as a kid in the irrigation ditches round Portishead, and that feeling of jumping into cold water where you can't see the bottom and your mum would go mad if she knew is still there.

Once I was in the flow took me  feet down river super quick with my feet knowing on sunken trees and it was a fight back to my clothes.

Mum was right, but I wouldn't let her know that.

Two adventures for lunch.

Manchester Sample Sale

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 March 2010


We are upto Manchester for a 4 day sample sale this week, Thursday to Sunday.

Anyone fancy running the city with semi fit me?


ran to work the long way today. mapped it at 10.5 miles. ran it in 1 hour 36.

Running a longer distance from a to b feels more of an adventure with an uncertain outcome than doing a loop.

The first 5 miles on the road were hard and when I got to the bridge at Llechryd bridge I played eeny meeny miney mo to see if it was the shorter road way with hill and no pavement, or along the river over rocks and roots.

I mo'd the long way. I practised what Russell Ashdown taught me about going downhill. Let it all go and run like the wind but there are a few paths through the wildlife park that need a surely planted foot.

And then there is that feeling you get at the end of a long run when you see the finish and the pins and needles wizz up your neck and your empty legs fill and you can smell the coffee.

When I got to work I knew that if I looked in the mirror the image of a tired looking 39 year old wouldn't tally with the fit 20 year old I felt like.

Next run is in London with Molly who we ran with at the do.

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