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It's on and we're coming

Assembly rooms 54 George Street Edinburgh  EH2 2LR

Monday 8th June 12:30 - 6pm

Tuesday 9th June 9:30 - 6pm

Wednesday 10th June 9:30 - 6pm

Thursday 11th June 9:30 -6pm


Unit 23 Princes Square

Shopping centre

Buchanan Street

G1 3JX Glasgow


Friday 12th June 12:30 - 6pm

Saturday 13th June 9:00 - 6pm

Sunday 14th June 11:00 – 5pm

we'll see you there.




sample sale

  • Posted by ade
  • 13 May 2009


we haven't had legware for the last few sample sales. just sells out.

but we have found some great legware for Cardiff, so they have been packed in the van. go get some new bags.

Cardiff Sample sale

  • Posted by tim
  • 11 May 2009



Ok kids, time to get excited as it's our first sample sale in the home of the red dragon, howies land. It will take place at Woodies this week on Thursday Friday and Saturday which is in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff. 

12.30-5 Thursday

9-5 Friday

9-5 Saturday

There's loads of stuff, tops, tees, jackets, limited legwear and some great one offs and a bunch of other stuff, get there on Thursday if you don't want to miss anything. Here's the map.


sample sale lost property

  • Posted by ade
  • 6 April 2009


bat hat

Were you the couple who came on  Saturday with two boys ?

The boy in the pushchair was eating chocolate money (an never gave me one) and the older boy was spinning his 2p on the floor.

He left his bat man cap.

Give us a ring with your address and we will post it back.

Sample Sale

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 April 2009


The office is buzzing with Sample Sale preparations.
Ade, Amy, Barney, and our Hayley have been busy little bee's putting boxes of bargains together for this weekend.

We don't have much legwear though, so first come first served!
There are literally only 1 or 2 boxes of men's legwear in sizes 30-38 (R&L) so make sure you get there nice and early.

Oh and bring your own bags - we won't have any.

Whoohoo! Bring it on!

Bath sample sale

  • Posted by ade
  • 19 February 2009

We are into the last 4 days of the sample sale in Bath.

We came up with a lorry full of the usual samples, end of line stuff, things that need a stitch and we want to return home with an empty van on Sunday.

And we have a good load of leg ware which we have been short on for a while at the last few sales.

So come down, rumage, try stuff on and haggle over your arm full.

We are in the old Photographic Society HQ called the Octogon on Milsome street only a 10 minute walk from the train station. Getting here by train is easy, stress free. No traffic, no parking.

Ed who runs our Cardigan shop, David who lands all our clothing and me are here till Sunday, and Barney from the Bristol shop is over tomorrow till close.

And bring a bag cause we don't have any.

It's worth coming just to see the beautiful building.



We are having a sample sale in Bath starting tomorrow, Hayley will be running the whole shebang. We are totally over the moon to be in a great venue for a whole 10 days.  The times are below, so we'll see you there. Here's the google map.

If anyone is from Bath or Bristol Hayley is looking for tips on places to go after a hard days work, please let us know on this blog. Thanks and happy hunting. 


  • Sale Times
  • Fri 3-7.30
  • Sat 10-6
  • Sun 11-5 
  • Mon 10-6
  • Tues 10-6
  • Wed 10-6
  • Thurs 10-6
  • Fri 10-6
  • Sat 10-6
  • Sunday 11-5

Scotland Sample Sales

  • Posted by ruben
  • 7 January 2009

I have some good news for Scottish howies fans

We are coming to Glasgow and Edinburgh to hold our first ever sample sales in Scotland!

We're planning to do it in February, and we're looking for venues to hold the sales.

We're looking for places with about 15x15 meters of floor space near the centre of the city, preferably on or near the main shopping streets with easy walking/biking/skating access.

And some convenient parking spaces and cafes would be great as well!

So if you have a place we could use, or if you know of somewhere, please let us know!

Maybe you've seen a shop for let in a good area... if you can send us the address of the building and the letting agent's details, we might be able to arrange something that way.

e-mail your ideas to Hayley: [email protected]

Sample Sale Today!

  • Posted by ruben
  • 27 November 2008

Hayley is setting up the sample sale on Brick Lane right now, and the boys are on the way down in the vans with the clothes.

Our friends at Rough Trade records (right by the site of the sample sale) will be offering 10% off to anyone who's been to our sale! What a brilliant offer.

Rough Trade is a great little record shop, and they happen to have a load of Rough Trade t-shirts that were printed up by the boys in our printshop, so check that out...

Click here for a map to Rough Trade and the sample sale (which is in the Old Truman Brewery, just across the road)

The sale will be open from

  • 6pm til 9pm on Thursday 27th Nov  
  • 10am til 8pm on Friday 28th Nov
  • 11am til 7pm on Saturday 29th Nov
  • 11am til 5pm on Sunday 30th Nov

The Dray Walk Gallery is at this address:

Dray Walk Gallery
Dray Walk
The Old Truman Brewery
Off 91 Brick Lane

E1 6QL

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