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45rpm WHAT

  • Posted by aron
  • 5 April 2011

45rpm also goes by the name Matt. You might have met him when he worked at the howies store in Bristol or perhaps you'd have seen him on his fixed gear bike flying down Park street wearing one of our t-shirts. He's instantly recognizable, with a big beard and mesmerizing eyes. He's a howies man through and through.

As well as setting up a bike collective called No Gears Bristol he's a graffiti artist specializing in custom typography and one half of the WHAT collective.

We love his work, especially his recent submission (below) for a competition by Dont Panic. Years of broken and used skate decks have been recycled to create this unique piece of art.

If you like you can help him win a hamper of fruit by voting for his submission right here.

And to see more of his work on flickr you can click right here.

Oh, and you can follow his rants on twitter here > @45rpmWHAT

I think that's everything.

some vids i grew up with

  • Posted by aron
  • 20 November 2009
[/youtube] [/youtube] [/youtube] ;NR=1[/youtube]

New mens tees online

  • Posted by aron
  • 29 April 2009

We've just uploaded some new t-shirts to the men's section on the site.
They're available to buy right now (Tom and Paul have been busy printing them all day).
So tell us, what's you® sport?


bike® print on night


The Battle of the Boyos

  • Posted by aron
  • 9 March 2009

After our last game of S.K.A.T.E. i think pete was surprised to be beaten. So this lunchtime we had a re-match (with Tidy stepping in as referee). He brought his own board and the weather was good. And true to his word, he beat both tom and myself. I think it was the nollie flip that had us both, that and some nifty switch moves.

Good show today mate, but remember... this ain't over...

Wallride 17

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 January 2009

Wallride 17 is here.


Snow and skate

  • Posted by aron
  • 19 December 2008

In a few weeks time, once the Spring catalogue is all done, I'll be heading off to Meribel to do a week's worth of snowboarding. Chris V has kindly lent me some of his gear for the trip so that's all sorted but seems like i've left it a bit too late to change my euros. Eek. Anyway, here's some inventive snowboarding from Scott Stevens that's got me counting down the days...



And here's one of Fenrich's vids of him, Bailey and others skating in Barcelona earlier this year.


The Scrum Tilly Lush

  • Posted by aron
  • 5 December 2008

Paul Fenrich, one of our local skaters, sent me a link to this vid. Have a look...


Due to be released Feb 09.


  • Posted by pete
  • 12 November 2008

Skateboard advertising is usually as dull as dishwater.

The formula is: picture of trick or handrail or shoe+name of skater+company logo = ad.

However, these boys come at it with a bit more finesse.

here's an ad for Enjoi, featuring the skater with the longest name in the business – Wieger Van Wageningen.


Pro board out soon.

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