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Yeahh Love

  • Posted by aron
  • 23 February 2009

If you go down to your local newsagents today you should be able to find this months issue of Onboard. It's a decent bit of reading and comes with a free Yeahh Love dvd by Yeahh Productions. The cinematography is brilliant, has a great soundtrack and some seriously heavy production has gone into it, I really haven't seen anything like it before. The trailer below gives you an idea of what you're in for.



  • Posted by james
  • 19 February 2009

17 days, 11 countries, 8 trains and nearly 8000 miles later... I've made it to my final destination, the great city of Hong Kong. 

Phew. That was some journey to work howies.

I'm pooped!

The Rails from Wales

  • Posted by james
  • 10 February 2009

I have a few hours to burn till my Trans-Siberian train leaves Moscow, so...

...The trip in numbers...so far...hoooraaay

Days traveling: 7

Distance traveled: 1918 miles (roughly)

Trains caught: 6

Trains missed: 0

Hours spent on trains: 42

Nights spent on trains: 2

Flights caught: 0 

Cameras broken: 1

Cameras fixed: 1

Rolls of film taken so far: 5

Digital Photos taken: Lots

Russian Vocabulary: 12 words (& a few useful phrases) 

Mandarin Vocabulary: 0 words, 0 Phrases!

Countries left to visit: 3

Distance left to travel: 5580 miles (roughly)

Days left on the rails: 7

Days left to Hong Kong: 8

Beef Strogonoffs eaten: 2

Days till next blog: 6-7ish?!...speak soon howies. 

(Im not sure what the first pic says, something to do with the Metro, just thought it looks very 'Soviet'. Second pic is one of the Moscow metro platforms, Be nice if London underground was as pretty as that!)


  • Posted by james
  • 9 February 2009

Usually the first word I learn, when learning a new language is 'thankyou' Not much use here! No body uses it, or please, or anything polite. So in order to not stick out, like the polite Brit I might seem, It's rudeness all the way! 

Saying all that, Moscow is quite a place, especially negotiating the underground palace that is the metro, dordle here to try and figure out the crylic map and your swept off wherever the crowd is heading. 

Hiked (and slid) around the usual tourist traps today, and tomorrow it's off to the markets before catching a week long train to china. Will get there in the end howies, there is just so much to see on the way!

p.s Merino boxers we're a goooood idea.

Poland and Poles

  • Posted by james
  • 8 February 2009

So onward from Cologne, and my first experience of European sleeper trains. First things first, time to practice my newly learnt 'ipod' polish  on my cabin mate, a rather large polish woman. After a few strange looks, she gathered what I was trying to say, and then proceeded to laugh at everything I said from then onwards. Not the biggest confidence builder I must say. After a rather stuffy nights sleep we were pulling into Warsaw central to meet my Australian friends cousins, my hosts for the next few days in Poland. 


Hanging out with the 'It' girls of Warsaw, wasn't quite what I had mind for this trip, but embracing new experiences is something that I have learnt well over the years. So that's how it went down. 

My good friend from Australia sorted out this leg, his cousins met me off the train and since then I have been whisked around the city, shown the sites and walked the busy streets. The girls love the city and it showed in how much they wanted me to see. I have to admit though, I had no idea what to expect from Warsaw, in fact I knew very little of the place except it was flattened in the war, but I was pleaseantlysuprised, and one thing is for sure, they like to party! 

After getting to know some good new friends, it's back to the journey at hand... an overnight sleeper train to Moscow. Russia awaits. 


Onward, towards Hong Kong.


Closed due to snow

Unfortunately the shop will be closed today as the snow (as fun as it is) has left us short staffed here at howies. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Happy sledging!

On The Dot

  • Posted by james
  • 4 February 2009

All smooth sailing so far, in fact just arrived in Cologne, Germany on the high speed Thayls train, exactly on time, to the minute! Why can't out trains run like that?

Now it's an evening of lounging until my overnight sleeper to Warsaw. 

Above is Brussels Midi, quite busy, just after lunch today. 

Over and out.

Snowboarding in Meribel

  • Posted by aron
  • 4 February 2009

Thought it's time i'd blog about my week snowboarding in Meribel...

It was my first time snowboarding, haven't even been on a winter holiday before so was pretty exciting seeing some decent snow for once. There was a massive 80cm dump the night before our first day on the slopes so the process of learning to snowboard, i.e. falling on your arse all the time, was made a heck of a lot easier. My mate Bailey gave us some pointers (he'd done a 5 month season in the same place a few years back) and within a few hours i got the hang of linking turns. I must point out that I caught plenty of edges trying to get this right, which also continued the following day but the first few hours seemed to go pretty well.

Within the first few days I'd managed to get down some of the blue runs without a hiccup, pretty pleased with myself so i began to follow some of my more experienced friends down the red and black runs. Shit me they were scary. Especially when there's a hundred skiers flying past you. But after a few days the confidence grew and i was just about holding my own with the rest of the group.

Did some apres at the Ronnie too, and met Dan who'd commented on my blog before i went out. A splendid chap indeed and my thanks goes out to you if you're reading this (and sorry i couldn't catch up with you for that run on friday). Oh ye, and saw a local ice hockey match... brutal to say the least.

By the end of the week I'd boarded down the three Valleys - Valles Thorens, Courchavel and Meribel. There were plenty of amazing runs i managed to get on and even managed do do a few jumps. Some runs were busier than others, some were icy and some were powder but all the same it was such a great feeling bombing slopes at 30mph alongside a cliff edge.

To top it all off i met a bunch of great people in our group of 26, had some bloody lovely grub and danced silly every night out.

I'm heading out again soon. No doubt.


^ the view from our chalet


^ one of the runs in Valles Thorens


^ me and ben in Meribel (cold bums)


^ everyone on the trip

Here's some links of interest;

Ski-republic have a ski and board hire store in the center of Meribel, really easy to get to and at the moment they do a 2for1 offer on hire equipment, which at the current rate of exchange is good for saving a fair few quid, here's the link to Ski-Republic.

Click here for a 6day forecast on the weather out there.

And here's the homepage for Meribel and all that goes on there.

Mission Passport

  • Posted by james
  • 3 February 2009

After a crash course in snow driving trying to get out of Tenby, I've at least made it to london. A little later than hoped but walking through Swansea in a blizzard to get a coffee this morning was interesting. 

So tubes negotiated, passport collected (at last!) and snowballs thrown.

Tomorrow, London - Brussels - Cologne and on to Warsaw to meet a friend of a friend's cousin who I've never met who is looking after me...errrmm this could be interesting.

more soon.

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