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snow envy

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 February 2009

snow envy

Hollie and I are manning the phones this morning looking wistfully outside at the blizzards and the snow mounting up.

Nothing like a bit of frozen rain to get everyone excited!

more roll call

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 February 2009



Hollie and Madalyn make up the back bone of customer service today.

Robin and James are the warehouse today.

David in logistics made it, but he is Scottish so he has that skill inbuilt.

Julia in accounts crept down the coast.

Our marketing people Jon and Beth made it.

Mike in finance got it with Harri who does some webstuff.

Anthony our accountant arrived.

And I had a snowy 10 miles though beautiful lanes.

wishes do come true.

snow snow snow

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 February 2009



I woke up this morning to the most snow I have ever seen in Pembrokeshire. 

There's a good 5 inches over most of the ground, and the snow is sticking to the trees as well--

It all looks lovely, but it means we can't get out. At all.

Walking up our drive is tricky now, and even the land rover isn't going anywhere!

My brother is resorting to alternative forms of transport--

And, amazingly, it's still snowing hard!!

I've heard that most of the office can't get in, and Ed isn't going to be able to open the Cardigan shop today. 

Don't worry though, normal service will resume as soon as the weather permits!

Roll Call!

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 February 2009



Chris C.





The snow has finally hit Cardigan

We have no customer service, no creative, no warehouse, no product, no printshop, no founders

Looks like play time...

(I'm off in search or good breakfast first)

P.S. James made it on the train this morning, he's got Siberia to deal with soon, a couple of inches of snow, no problem. (follow him on twitter)

Packing Light

  • Posted by james
  • 2 February 2009

Packing my bags is one thing I have done many times... For a single destination it's easy. Open bag, throw in clothes, throw in cameras and a little more, zip bag closed... leave... done. So when howies asked me to travel out to Hong Kong to visit their denim factory, by train. The whole packing thing just got a little bit more complicated...

8000 miles, 17 days, 8 trains, 2 continents, 9 time zones, 9 cities, rain, snow, -20c, +20c, cities, desert, mountains, hotels, bunks and one great wall. It's going to be quite an adventure!

It all begins tomorrow, first leg; Wales to London, where somewhere buried under 6 inches of snow is my passport (slightly important) with 5 shiny new visas. After that it's Paris-Brussles-Cologne and Warsaw, where I make my first stop. 

Will I make it? will I even make it to London to collect my passport? 

I'll keep you posted.

Snow in London

  • Posted by howies
  • 2 February 2009

There's a thick covering of snow over a lot of England, and in London it's so bad (good?) that the howies staff can't get to the shop!

So Carnaby St. store will be closed today, while the staff play in the snow at home.

Back here at mission control in Cardigan, there is no snow. So we're in work.

But we're looking wistfully out of the windows, and hoping...

Come on snow.

Snow and skate

  • Posted by aron
  • 19 December 2008

In a few weeks time, once the Spring catalogue is all done, I'll be heading off to Meribel to do a week's worth of snowboarding. Chris V has kindly lent me some of his gear for the trip so that's all sorted but seems like i've left it a bit too late to change my euros. Eek. Anyway, here's some inventive snowboarding from Scott Stevens that's got me counting down the days...



And here's one of Fenrich's vids of him, Bailey and others skating in Barcelona earlier this year.


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