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Different Sports, Same Soul

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 September 2010


Different Sports, Same Soul

Different Sports, Same Soul
Somewhere climbing and surfing intersect. The place where it happens in not obvious, but it exists.

Every surfer has experienced it. After every decent session you’re left with frozen moments that are locked into your consciousness – instantaneous images that crystallise in your mind with a vague yet powerful tangibility. These moments evoke the kind of immediate nostalgia as that of Polaroid prints.

You lean into your bottom turn and see the wall of the wave reeling up ahead of you. Click. You hold a stylish body position while attempting to cutback to the power source from out on the wave’s slackening shoulder. Click.

The sensorial cacophony that accompanies the union of man, ocean and earth is particularly evocative of these moments and results easily in the mystic leap between brain chemistry and muscle memory.

Out there on the crag, though, a hundred miles from the coast, climbers experience these moments too.

There is an ache and a fear and a pounding of your heart and an increased intensity of perception. When your body and your mind are stretched to extremes hard-won physical knowledge takes over. The climber’s world is distilled to the square centimetres that surround that finger hold. The universe becomes the angle and camber and extension of that crux move.

A wave is essentially ephemeral. It never truly exists in space and time but is simply a manifestation of natural given form in liquid by the interaction of the sea floor and the energy itself. A rock face is pure energy too – but formed in imperceptible increments over geological time. It is warped and cracked and affected by environmental conditions that stretch over aeons rather than the fleeting moments that form a breaking wave.

Is it too great a leap of the imagination to acknowledge that they are both outriders of the human race’s deep instinct to dance with the elements? Could it be that both surfers and climbers simply play in the beauty and the menace of the planet?

Illustration: Chris Gray

Why I ride

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 December 2009

Why I ride
Snowboarding to me is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. There is nothing more exhilarating than riding down a mountain at speed. The adrenalin rush is amazing, whether it be riding at speed, hitting a kicker or mastering the technicality of the halfpipe, the feeling is amazing. I love the people involved in snowboarding. It is like no other sport. Despite the fact that we enter competitions to compete against each other we are all stoked when someone is riding well. When I managed to get through to my first World Cup final, there was a massive cheer from the rest of the competitors. That’s a great feeling. The mountains also make a magnificent backdrop for the sport. There is never a morning when you feel like staying in bed. If it was not for the weather and having to give my body a rest, I would ride every day.

Ben Kilner

Ben is the British Halfpipe Champion and in February 2010 will represent Great Britain in the Vancouver Olympic snowboarding events.

Cole Barash

  • Posted by aron
  • 14 August 2009

There are photographers. And then there's this guy. Makes me wish summer would end.

Picture 7
Picture 3
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 2
Picture 4
Check out his website here.

Snowboarding in Meribel

  • Posted by aron
  • 4 February 2009

Thought it's time i'd blog about my week snowboarding in Meribel...

It was my first time snowboarding, haven't even been on a winter holiday before so was pretty exciting seeing some decent snow for once. There was a massive 80cm dump the night before our first day on the slopes so the process of learning to snowboard, i.e. falling on your arse all the time, was made a heck of a lot easier. My mate Bailey gave us some pointers (he'd done a 5 month season in the same place a few years back) and within a few hours i got the hang of linking turns. I must point out that I caught plenty of edges trying to get this right, which also continued the following day but the first few hours seemed to go pretty well.

Within the first few days I'd managed to get down some of the blue runs without a hiccup, pretty pleased with myself so i began to follow some of my more experienced friends down the red and black runs. Shit me they were scary. Especially when there's a hundred skiers flying past you. But after a few days the confidence grew and i was just about holding my own with the rest of the group.

Did some apres at the Ronnie too, and met Dan who'd commented on my blog before i went out. A splendid chap indeed and my thanks goes out to you if you're reading this (and sorry i couldn't catch up with you for that run on friday). Oh ye, and saw a local ice hockey match... brutal to say the least.

By the end of the week I'd boarded down the three Valleys - Valles Thorens, Courchavel and Meribel. There were plenty of amazing runs i managed to get on and even managed do do a few jumps. Some runs were busier than others, some were icy and some were powder but all the same it was such a great feeling bombing slopes at 30mph alongside a cliff edge.

To top it all off i met a bunch of great people in our group of 26, had some bloody lovely grub and danced silly every night out.

I'm heading out again soon. No doubt.


^ the view from our chalet


^ one of the runs in Valles Thorens


^ me and ben in Meribel (cold bums)


^ everyone on the trip

Here's some links of interest;

Ski-republic have a ski and board hire store in the center of Meribel, really easy to get to and at the moment they do a 2for1 offer on hire equipment, which at the current rate of exchange is good for saving a fair few quid, here's the link to Ski-Republic.

Click here for a 6day forecast on the weather out there.

And here's the homepage for Meribel and all that goes on there.

Snow and skate

  • Posted by aron
  • 19 December 2008

In a few weeks time, once the Spring catalogue is all done, I'll be heading off to Meribel to do a week's worth of snowboarding. Chris V has kindly lent me some of his gear for the trip so that's all sorted but seems like i've left it a bit too late to change my euros. Eek. Anyway, here's some inventive snowboarding from Scott Stevens that's got me counting down the days...



And here's one of Fenrich's vids of him, Bailey and others skating in Barcelona earlier this year.


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