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following Ades' run blog

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 January 2010

Following Ades blog I went for a run, well it was my first for a long time and I don't have natural ability in my legs like Ade, so it was a run walk type thing with my dog.

I will get into it but it usually takes a few weeks.

I had a few issues with the ishuffle thingy too, but I found the off button pretty sharpish.

I started at my local beach and ran around the cliff, down onto the beach, but where I could usually cross the stream across the stones I coudn't because of all the flood water, I love that when the  conditions cause humans to do differnet actions than they planned, makes you feel so small and insignificant. So anyway I went back along the road to the woolen mill. I run by the old mill quite a lot, its called Melin Tregwynt and its famous for its weaving.  http://www.melintregwynt.co.uk

It used to be powered by water and you can see  where the water was channeled into the mill, George found a channel and thought the white frothy stuff was snow, so he went for a bit of a swim when he stepped on it. I took him home and gave him a nice warm shower and now he's all fluffy and recovered.

I'm off for another run tonight around the cliffs thanks to Ade for inspiring me to get back into it, I always see beautiful scenery and have an adventure because of the weather and the conditions whether it be rain wind or sun its always different.

Ramsey row

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 June 2009

Our rowing club had visitors from another rowing club at the weekend.

They came from Devoran in Cornwall and one of their longest members Ralph Bird was the man who made all our Gigs. 

We decided to show them the local sights which we love but we had hoped the weather would be good but we didn't expect it to be the most stunning conditions we have ever seen going around Ramsey Island.

Here are just a few amazing photos, thankfully Steve had his camera charged and ready to go on the water as words couldn't really describe it.

Words we used to try and describe the water was milky, glassy and silk but they don't do it justice really.

ramsey bishops

ramsey devoran

ramsey sun glisten

ramsey us girls

1 day in Pembrokeshire

  • Posted by howies
  • 26 May 2009

1 sunny hot Saturday

8 of us went kayaking around the coast

3 of us were fishing

they caught 20 mackeral

we found 3 hidden bays

we stopped on one for lunch

found 1 TV on a hidden beach

pretented to watch TV whilst sunbathing

rescued TV litter and took it home for correct disposal

we saw more rubbish than normal, we think it came in on recent bad weather

8 of us waded through the shallows from the sea to the river to get to land

6 of us went for ice cream, coffee and cake

1 great day out in Pembrokeshire

the team




the team

the team

We came first for Wales in the Gig championships too as we are one of only two ladies teams who raced from Wales, both of which are from Porthgain rowing club.

Here we are in our new howies team kit after the final on one of the beautiful Beaches on St Marys'.

well done Porthgain Ladies



For the last eight months myself and five other ladies and a cox have been training hard for the World Gig rowing championships held in the Scilly Isles last weekend.

We have ran in the wind in the rain with dogs around muddy farm lanes...

Lifted weights and attempted beating our pull up records in a cold barn...

Raced each other on the rowing machine desperately trying to reach our target 2000 metres time..

And rowed out of the harbour in all conditions with our cox Tom who coached us through each race, counting our stroke rate, watching our technique, our boat speed through the water, the wind, the tide and navigated around our coastline shouting at us all the way.

It was all going great, then we started dropping, FFi had flu, I hurt my knee and my back and half of us were finding the coaching all abit too much. There were tears, plenty of Chiropracter sessions, late night phone calls of encouragement and just terrible rowing sessions out on the sea.

Then last thursday we headed off to Penzance to catch the ferry, with the knowledge I couldn't row and we would have to find someone to stand in for me, we were all nervous about what the weekend would bring.

The first race was all the womens gigs together, 118 on the start line, a huge swell and a bit of wind but the girls started well thanks to Hannah from Bristol who kindly stepped into my number 2 slot. After a spotless row and only a slight fight for water near the end the team came in 33rd position! We were very surprised and had to count on the results board 3 times to double check we were correct.

Last year we came 52nd over all so we were very pleased.

In the end after 2 shorter races in groups of 10 we found our place in group D and came 4th in that group in the final on Sunday which brought us to 41st overall which we were all very proud of.

Here's a picture I took on a boat of the Porthgain Ladies near the finishing line on the first race, I'm very glad we were able to row and I still felt part of the team even though I didn't row. It was very strange for me having spent 8 months training for something which I didn't do, thanks to all the girls for their help and support over the last few weeks.


Porthgain Ladies Team near finishing line

Porthgain Ladies Team near finishing line


To anyone else who went, hope you all had a great weekend and performed as well as you had hoped and see you again next year.

Nos Galan

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 January 2009



'Twas the eve of the New year and all through the valley there was a stir....would the mystery runner be a him or would it be a her?

Runners they came from near and from far, for each of 50 years they wait first for that star.

The torch is lit and down he ran through the valleys and into the street, wondering this year who would be beat?

Linford Christie he was....AMAZING! you say but what a treat to be the mystery runner for a day!

Almost 1,000 strong the race begins, mere mortals each with one common goal to reach...to finish the Nos Galan and finish it well...and if you can do it in costume what the hell!

There were skiers and jumpers, fairies and Scooby Doo...even some santas and a whoopie cushion too! (and yes the old rugby boys from down the pub...even they gave it a go... huffing and puffing and running to and fro)

The night is was oh so cold...but we did it and now the story can be told....

The event it has come and it has gone, packed up in seconds if not a day but I'll be waiting, training and preparing...maybe next year I'll run again and join the fray.

I will run faster and harder and if I'm lucky, strong and brave, to be honest it is beating Scooby Doo that I crave!


  • Posted by howies
  • 15 December 2008

Throughout my 30 years of life I have been very lucky.

I have known I've been lucky and I've just kept getting away with it, untill Sunday that is.

The reason I have been lucky is I have not had many accidents, not like Tom and Pete in howies.

I have never broken anything, had any operations, wisdom teeth out, nothing.

I have not been too safe, I have been canoeing down rapids and rivers, rowing on the sea, river rafting, sea kayaking, coasteering, mountain biking, climbing, running along cliffs, driving and on a motorbike.

The worst accidents I can remember are, one when I was 5, I was swinging around a pole in the garden and fell down some steps and got concussion. Then there were two incidents where I fell, once off my bike and once when I was roller blading and I got water on my elbows.

Then yesterday I fell down the stairs on my house, not just normal stairs either, wooden planks which are slippy, steep and face a wall. I ended up with my head in between the stairs and the wall and my feet in the air, not funny really.

I now have a huge bruise on my hip which looks like a galaxy, a bump on my head, a stiff neck and numerous other bruises aches and pains.

Maybe I have been too safe in the past, maybe 2009 will the year for more adventures and accidents.

Maybe I'm just not very stupid....

or maybe I have just been lucky.

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