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  • Posted by aron
  • 10 August 2009

This week’s T-shirt of the Week is ‘Candlebulb’.

We have Thomas Edison to thank for the lightbulb.

We have Mother Nature to thank for fire.

Here's to the devolution of electickery back to the source.



the big lunch on teepay

  • Posted by ade
  • 16 July 2009


the big lunch approached us last week and asked if we could do some tees for their event that is happening this Sunday.

Their great idea is for people to invite people who live near to a big lunch to meet and eat together.  A vision to help connect community and put names to familiar faces where you live. Tim Smit at Eden has big plans to change the world.

So they sent through 4 great designs (above) and we have uploaded them to teepay and 10% of the the tee price goes to the Eden project trustso they can do more great stuff.

You can buy them here.

And if you want to organise you own Big Lunch or join one it's not too late. There are 100's going on all over the UK, so use the site to sign up.

when i started here

  • Posted by ade
  • 23 June 2009



buy nowWhen I started at howies on my first day I arrived to a warehouse full to the brim with brown boxes. One big block of 10,000 t-shirts. Wall to wall. Floor to ceiling.

In the old days we had to count in the blanks, create the designs,  then repack them and send them off to Photofit in London to print and while they were being done I had to sell them to shops. And this was one of those designs and it sold loads cause the news at the time was that even when you died your cards balance kept growing.

It bought back some good memories seeing the screen up in the printshop.

I had to share a computer, a phone and a desk for a while. I even had to put a stool back together so I had something to sit on. The e-mails came into one computer in the corner that we restarted on the hour. All the music came from a huge bag of tapes Paul brought in. We had no racking in the warehouse just piles of boxes on piles of boxes. All the carpet tiles in the office were loose. Orders only came by fax, phone or post. Coffee was made in a jug and the grinds removed with a sive.  We had the volvo. Things were tough, but we fought hard and made it through. David, Clare, Sushma, Pete, Paul, Andrew and me.

I love those sideways brain triggers.

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