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Ade just called with another update from Brick Lane.

The sun is shining, the clothes are up on the rails and the doors are open.

The sample sale is on!

Go check it out, they'll be there for 4 days

Thursday 20th 4pm to 8.30pm
Friday 21st 11am to 8pm
Saturday 22nd 11am to 7pm
Sunday 23rd 11am to 4pm

(we made a mistake in the previous opening times. where we said it would be opening at 11pm, we meant 11am. oops!)

They have plenty of room to put your bike where it wont get stolen (the howies crew will fight off bike thieves with big sticks)

But there are no bags, so please, please bring your own if you're planning to carry anything away with you!

the big lunch on teepay

  • Posted by ade
  • 16 July 2009


the big lunch approached us last week and asked if we could do some tees for their event that is happening this Sunday.

Their great idea is for people to invite people who live near to a big lunch to meet and eat together.  A vision to help connect community and put names to familiar faces where you live. Tim Smit at Eden has big plans to change the world.

So they sent through 4 great designs (above) and we have uploaded them to teepay and 10% of the the tee price goes to the Eden project trustso they can do more great stuff.

You can buy them here.

And if you want to organise you own Big Lunch or join one it's not too late. There are 100's going on all over the UK, so use the site to sign up.

Teepay advice by David Hieatt

  • Posted by tim
  • 10 July 2009


This little welsh bugger makes me laugh more than most. If he went fishing on a day when there were no fish he'd still come back with a boat full. He's just designed a tee shirt, not under his own name, and it sold 280 in a week. If he'd done that on teepay.com he'd be £700 better off. good designs sell, and will always sell if you tell enough people about them. It's called networking. Go and get those those sales if you've got the talent. If a valley boy from dragon land can do it then so can you, maybe. It's wound me up this success.

teepay staff pick

  • Posted by howies
  • 29 June 2009



mens copy

Today's staff pick is ' feeling a bit grouchy' by Luke James.

thanks Luke

Click here to buy men's Click here to buy women’s

teepay staff pick - 'Trunk Knot'

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 June 2009



Today's teepay staff pick is 'Trunk Knot', designed by Chester Bigglesworth.

It's quite simple really, never forget, we must look after our trees!

Click here to buy Mens / Click here to buy womens


Today's teepay staff pick is 'Piggin Disaster', designed by Chrubble.

"It's a reaction to the hysterics about swine flu. Instead of 'keep calm and carry on', be more appropriate to what everyone else seemed to do – drop everything and freak out!"

Click here to buy MensClick here to buy womens

Oink oink.

teepay Staff Pick: Simple

  • Posted by howies
  • 12 June 2009


Today the staff pick is Simple by matthew james.

Matthew said:

“Simple illustration of a simple concept. Simple”

Click here to buy mens’s / Click here to buy women’s



Today's teepay.com staff pick is Entertainment For Cheaper by Laurie King

This is what she has to say about it:

“We're are all having to make cut backs. Looking after a dog is
an expensive lifestyle choice. Why not spend an afternoon making a shiny new balloon dog, ideal
for fun and select walking destinations."

Available in white. Click here for men's or here for women's

Hurry up and get one, before it POPS!




teepay staff pick - Pedal!

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 June 2009




Today’s Staff pic is Pedal! by superprecise.

This is what he has to say about it:

“Bicycles they are one of the few examples of perfect technology. They’re
also good fun. I find the modern obsession with novelty and newness tiring
when there is already so much to look at right under our noses”

You can’t beat a massive pedal on a tee I reckon.

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