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Today's teepay staff pick is 'EX MP' by Darren Marshall.

Click here for the mens and here for the womens

check out teepay.com for more designs.

teepay: staff pick of the day

  • Posted by howies
  • 2 June 2009




Todays pick of the day is Girl by greentangerine.

Mens hereWomens here

teepay staff pick of the day

  • Posted by howies
  • 2 June 2009




We’re gonna try out something new.

It’s called “tee staff pick” every week day at 4pm we will pick one tshirt to print (even if it hasnt reached minimums)

It’ll be available to buy on the howies site here for men and here for women

James Cox has something for tea

  • Posted by tim
  • 3 May 2009

That man James Cox has been busy on teepay too, Tea anyone? 


walks in the park

  • Posted by tim
  • 3 May 2009


when david came up with teepay idea and we were discussing how many tees would need to be ordered to start a run, we felt it needed to be a number that anyone who had an idea could help promote themselves easily and 50 was decided to be point perfect, where the customer would decide what turned them on and as long as fifty folks who were prepared to put their money where their heart was we were there to print em. We did not ever want to decide ourselves who and what we thought should be printed. That we leave up to you. 

After a lazy sunday of waking up to a sunny morning and taking the dogs for a walk down by the river and showing the girls the secret gardens and the bluebell wood i was sitting with daisy, fen, scania and ella and watching three episodes of catweazle from 1969 and have just snuck downstairs to make pizza and check my emails and logged on to teepay to see how it was doing. 

i have the hugest smile on my face after finding this newly uploaded design and can honestly say that every bit of hard work, every argument and the sheer intensity that deadlines put us under were all just like disappearing stars in new dawn as i read the words of someone who has used our site to tell the world about their design. imalaurie you put a smile on my face today.  i hope you make it past 50

TeePay, help needed from you all.

  • Posted by tim
  • 16 April 2009


On May the 1st howies will not be alone, we are launching a tee shirt company called TeePay.com. The concept will be very simple.

  • you design what you'd like to print on a tee shirt
  • you upload your design/s to the teepay site
  • you market it however you want to whoever you want
  • we promote Teepay and all the tee shirts online
  • anyone can do it and if you think you've got some ideas then lets see them
  • if you sell 50 shirts or more  we print them and pay you a royalty for every shirt sold
  • everyone gets a piece of the cake
  • simple

But we need some help, there's an option to pay some of the royalty to charity and we'd like to know your five favorite charities. so please let us know one and all. howies will of course be giving it's earthtax donations as well.  Please link this blog to as many others as you can as we need this info pretty darn quick.

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