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Bristol Sample Sale

  • Posted by ruben
  • 15 February 2010

Good news for you lovely Bristolians, we are coming to hold one of our legendary sample sales later this week.

Naomi is out in the back warehouse right now getting the clothes sorted out and packed up.

Once that's done and we fix a small windscreen wiper problem, Simon will be driving the big black van down to the Bristol shop on Thursday.

There will be the usual collection of great end of line items along with a few amazing one-off samples (some in odd colours) that we never put into production, some otherwise brilliant stuff with dodgy buttons and plenty of other t-shirts and things at bargain prices.

Definitely worth a look if you're in the area.

The sale will be held upstairs in the shop - here's the address and opening times -

62 Queens Road
(map here)

Opening times:

Thursday  18th - 4pm til 8pm
Friday 19th - 9.30am - 6pm
Saturday 20th - 9.30am - 6pm
Sunday 21st - 11am - 5 pm

Bring a bag, 'cause as usual, we wont have any.

Hope to see you there.

super van man

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 September 2009



vans back

The van ain't been well recently. I thought that is was going to be death by profit and loss spreadsheets.

But then we found Neil.

To run diagnostics, weld the exhaust in 2 places and fit a new back piece, all new bulbs in the headlights, new head light lense, new #1 injector, buy ship and fit a second hand prop shaft with a new bearing and labour cost...drum roll...think about what you pay for your car.....and what you think it should be...include  vat...and he was really nice on the phone offering to fit a shaft from his van......we could not believe it either....

One Hundred and Thirty Pounds.

Call Neil at Reeds motors in Eglwyswrw on 07769 842200. He’ll get you trucking.

He also said she has another quarter of a million miles in her with a little welding.

Rock On.

the death knell?

  • Posted by ade
  • 11 September 2009



the-vanThe vans not been well lately.

We bought her in white for £2000 3 years ago with 175000 miles on the clock. She had been used by a courier company called Air Cargo Wales to collect clothing on hangers from the airport and deliver them direct to shops. She was just what we needed.

Pete and Paul peeled off the stickers from the logo on the side so it read Go Wales, and the autumn/winter 2006 catalogue was born. 24 people, 7 days, 6 bikes, 5 skateboards, 4 surfboards, 3 tanks of biodeisel and 2 kayaks did a tour of Wales with the van. Where she needed her first repair after the window screen got bust when it got ridden down.

Then she was painted black by Alison and taken on the blackboard tour. They toured the UK's skate spots and asked people whether they thought nulcear power was a good idea and got people to write their thoughts on the van in chalk.

She has delivered clothes to over 25 sample sales from Edinburgh to Brighton. She has delivered the interiors of our shops so they could open. She has been to many bike races. Shifted fire wood. Attended many parties. Shifted a ton of stuff to be recycled. Attended many bike races. Done the little big voice and the Do lectures and attended every photoshoot since we bought her, her last being a faultless journey to Sweden carrying everything that was needed for the shoot.

She has been our one and only van, silently and faithfully serving us, and always being present on those adventures.

Then had to spend £1800 on all new brakes this year after they totally failed. Then she lost power on the motorway. Then the bulbs blew. Then the propshaft bearing went, along with all those other little bits that need doing.

And suddenly there is talk that we should get another van.  She's only worth a grand and may cost more and more to repair as she ages.

Every garage that I take it to says the same thing. Other than a bit of wear and tear and rust, she is sound.

And she has only done quarter of a million miles. Maybe because I have been the one to do most of those miles, I am misguidedly attached to her and her history.

Ethically should we repair her, or should we buy something more modern with lower emissions?

I hope that when I get to that time in my life when things are going a little wrong, that people look back and what I did and see the value, the hisory, the stories and invest in a new prop shaft bearing to keep me trucking.

the van ain't

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 September 2009



bloodyvanthe van was due to go to jimmys farm this weekend, but it started to make terrible groaning noises on the way to the fuel pump.

looks like the bearing is shafted on the propshaft and needs replacing.

neil's got more work to do.

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