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howies wardrobes

  • Posted by pete
  • 27 October 2010


Remember these from back in 2003?

14 reclaimed wardrobes,
decorated by 14 amazing artists.
For the howies 'Point Of Sale With A Point Of View' exhibition.
Each highlighting social or environmental issues.
We used them as point of sale in shops afterwards.
(Although I've snagged the red Paul Blow gas mask one for my office).

The show was the genius idea of Carter Wong Tomlin.
They found this neat little " target="_blank">time-lapse video of the artists at work.

Thanks to the following artists: Brian Cairns, Paul Blow,
Richard Beards, Billy Jean, Aldous Eveleigh,
Roderick Mills, Marion Deuchars, Ian Wright,
Graham Carter, Andrew Mockett, Eduardo Rosa,
Paul Davis, Jeff Fisher and Phil Carter.

Note: Pay attention at the end to see Paul Davis struggling to make
his mind up about what to paint. First he illustrates a big face,
paints over it, paints another face, paints over that with some type,
and finally paints over that with the final 'Junk Mail' image. Brilliant.




Back in 2002, a collection of reclaimed junk wardrobes were transformed into some cool shop display units by some really talented artists and illustrators. We now have them on display in our shop, containing a load of great sale stock. They look great!

Come and have a look!

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