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Cast Off

prickyourfingerwoolRachael and Louise from Prick Your Finger (haberdashery shop in Bethnal Green), came in to the store last night for this fortnight's Wee Do.  They gave a really entertaining talk about how their business started, with a knitting club called Cast Off, which met once a month on the London Underground's circle line.  They taught commuters who popped on and off the tube, how to knit.  Soon after the group started knitting in night clubs around the city, with the aid of a head torch (which inevitably ended up with everyone in club covered in wool!); getting involved with the V&A's Friday Lates; marching for peace "drop stitches not bombs"; a knitted wedding (oh yes!); to knitting on ice!

They now have this amazing shop in Bethnal Green.  They have a great ethos for sourcing wools from the UK, and have a great compassion for the British farmer.  They also use their shop as an exhibition space for local textile artists, who have something to say with their work; whether it be about politics, tradition, or a dedication to unsung heros.

Their...message from all this..."have a go!"

If you find yourself in Bethnal Green, pop in their shop.  They have some amazing stories to tell, and have trully created a great community atmosphere.

260 Globe Road, Bethnal Green, London.

We hope to work with them again in the future :)

As with all our Wee Do talks, we will have a video from the evening available to view online soon...so watch this space!

She's Crafty


A bit of Beastie Boys in honor of tonight's Wee Do at the Carnaby Street store...this one's for the Prick Your Finger girls :)

Any other song suggestions for Prick Your Finger?



Tomorrow night is our next Wee Do event, Louise and Rachael, founders of Prick Your Finger wool shop in Bethnal Green, will be coming into the Carnaby Street store.  They will be talking about the raise of the new wave of hand knitting, by telling the story of 'Cast Off Knitting Club For Boys and Girls' , and how it brought KIP (Knitting in Public) back into fashion.  It will move into how and why Prick Your Finger started, and a quick low down on fibre production in Britian today.
The purpose of the shop and the events they put on are to promote knitting and handcrafts as a constructive past time.

If you have ever been to their shop you will have seen what an amazing place they have created. You can’t help but be inspired! They built the shop fittings themselves and laid the parquet flooring.

They don't like synthetic materials, and don't panic when their clothes get holes, because they can mend them. They are passionate about all forms of textiles, from current fashion to heritage, and couture to make do and mend.

Everyone is affected by textiles...so come along and have a listen to what should be an amazing night.

Listeners are welcome to knit through the talk and Louise the Knitting Nurse will be on hand to sort out any dropped stitches or problems with patterns.

As per usual with our Wee Do nights, doors open at 7.15pm, have a beer and chill out.  These are free ticketed events. If you would like one please give us a call (0207 287 2345) or email us ([email protected]).

Hopefully see you there.

Cooler Mag-Wee Do

  • Posted by howies
  • 3 September 2009

Last week the lovely ladies  - Sam and Poppy - from Cooler Magazine came by and gave a fantastic Wee Do lecture on the growth of female particpation in action sports and a bit of background on their publication. 

We had a great time. 

Here is a photo - the video clip (followed by full podcast) will be out soon!


Wee Do-Cooler Magazine

CL20 Eng.indb


The next Wee Do at Carnaby Street is Tuesday the 25th.  We have Sam (the editor) and Poppy (the fashion editor) of Cooler Magazine coming in to give a talk.

Sam sent me a run down of what they are going to be chatting about...

"We're going to talk about women and action sports.  The good ( how loads more girls are getting in to snowboarding, surfing, and bikes), the bad (how it can still be quite macho), and the ugly (is being pretty a prerequisite for being a sponsored female athlete?).  We'll also talk about what we try and do at Cooler, as in never featuring size zero models, vacuous celebs or mentioning diets!  Instead we keep it fun and light-hearted and focus on the sports, athletes and fashion surrounding them."

I am really looking forward to this evening!

So as with all our Wee Do nights, come listen to some amazing facts, and join us for a beer or soft drink, from 7.30pm- 9.30pm.  If you would like a free ticket email us ([email protected])  or call us (0207 287 2345).  But hurry as we don't have many to give away!

Wee Do- the Hungry Cyclist


As some of you may already know (as many of you’ve reserved tickets already) the next Wee Do at Carnaby Street is the Hungry Cyclist, on Tuesday 11th August.

If you haven’t heard of him before you can check out his website.

His name is Tom Kevill- Davies, he loves riding his bike and he loves to eat. It really is that simple. As a journalist and author he enjoys writing almost as much as eating and cycling. This means basically that he cycles wherever he can find good, well prepared, locally produced, fresh and traditional food before eating it and writing about it.

Come and listen to some amazing facts, and join us for a beer or soft drink, from 7.30pm - 9.30pm.   If you would like to reserve tickets please email ([email protected]) or call us (0207 287 2345).  But hurry as we don't have many to give away!

If you want to be first to hear about our Wee Do events then there are a few ways to do so...

Follow us on Twitter
Follow howies on Facebook 
Or email us and ask to be put on our Carnaby Street Wee Do listserve.

Wee Do - Bristol Beer Factory

  • Posted by howies
  • 5 August 2009

Cycle Chic- Wee Do 28th July

So our next Wee Do as we advertised before, is going to be given by Caz from Cycle Chic, (a blog and online shop).



Caz Nicklin launched cyclechic.co.uk in 2007 as an act of rebellion against cycling’s geeky image. It soon became clear that there was a subculture of stylish cyclists emerging and Caz proceeded to turn the blog into a business.  From Caz’s humble beginnings, selling helmets out of her kitchen, she has grown the business over the past 2 years. Cyclechic.co.uk  now has offices in central London and sells a range of products to stylish cyclists all over the world.

The event will start at 7.30 pm- chill out, have a beer and learn about cycling culture, women's fashion in the cycling industry and how to set up a business with £500 and a good idea.  Phew...as you can imagine this is going to be an inspirational talk!

If you would like a free ticket to this event, you can reserve them by calling 0207 287 2345 or emailing us at the shop [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

Hackney City Farm

Just wanting to say a big thank you to Chris from Hackney City Farm for speaking at our Wee Do in store last night.  Everyone who attended really had their eyes opened as to what urban city farming is all about.  From feeding their animals, selling their eggs, teaching local kids who've been excluded from school, making bio fuel, producting food for and running a cafe, making pedal powered cinema, permaculture in the woods, selling second hand bikes, putting on introductory workshops in pottery, having gigs in their courtyard...the list goes on!!!  I would highly recommend going down to the farm and checking out what they're up to.

Chis Hackney Farmp.s. We have our next Wee Do coming up on 28th July... watch this space for future listings :)

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