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Wool wool wool

  • Posted by howies
  • 13 October 2010

This week is wool week, thanks to HRH Prince of Wales creating "The wool campaign" trying to help farmers get better prices for their wool fleeces and help promote the use of wool and its benefits of wool over its cheaper synthetic alternatives.

Hundreds of brands are doing their bit to promote wool, there have been sheep tottering around the streets of London and high street labels talking about why wool is so great, but we have been talking about wool over here in Cardigan bay for 9 years.

We introduced our first wool base layer in 2001, there was only one and we talked about the properties of wool as a fiber for use for sport when we were looking for a more environmentally conscious alternative to polyester which was the usual fiber to use for sports. Since then our range has grown and grown to 100% merino wool base layers in different thicknesses, cuts, colours and styles, to fleeces, underwear and jumpers, we only use the best quality fibers which are monitored through Zque and MAPP.

All howies autumn & winter jumpers are made from 100% wool, we never use a synthetic fiber, it would be cheaper, it would be easier but its not nice and doesn't keep you warm, it smells and it's made from chemicals.  The thing about wool is it does cost more and the prices keep rising, but it works, synthetics don't work and we believe in quality and things which are functional.

We love wool and we will keep talking about it, through our catalogues and website but the best way to tell people about the properties of wool is word of mouth and experience, especially with our base layers. Its one of those things where it all makes sense why they should be good but until you have tried it and experienced it you can't quite believe it and then you can't help tell everyone about it.

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