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  • Posted by alex
  • 9 August 2011

You may have heard on the grapevine that Alastair Humphreys came to Cardigan to see us yesterday. A few of us joined him and spent the night on a Microadventure based out of Cardigan.

Keep an evening or two free in the coming weeks, we've got something we'd like to share with you and will let you all know about it very soon...

Ironbike Roundup

  • Posted by howies
  • 8 August 2011


Ironbike Roundup

What makes the hardest Mountain Bike race in the World? How about 600km over 7 days with 27,000m of climbing in the Italian Alps!

In July I picked the hardest Mountain Bike event in the World as my first ever stage race. Starting from Limone Piemonte racing over some of the highest peaks in the Alps, including the mighty Mt Chaberton at 3131m the event finished in Sauze d'Oulz 7 days later. Not only would the distance and climbing figures make the riding hard but the terrain is challenging both up and down giving bikes and kit the ultimate challenge.

Day 1 started hard, but compared with the later days it would be one of the shortest days, with 93.5km and a huge 3560m the route was never flat and the descents were incredibly technical while the climbs were relentless, steep and loose. I finished in 6hrs 18 minutes and placed 11th overall out of the 140 starters.

The following days became harder, with Day 2 being a particular highlight of the week with a climb to the top of Monte Bellino at 3000m and the incredible never ending descent off the other side that I will never forget. Day 2 was the hardest single day of riding I have ever done to that point, 118km with 4076m climbing yet I still had another 5 days afterwards.

Day 3 had even more climbing, totalling 101km with 4262m of climbing, the trails were hard going, while day 4 looked hard, the weather decided to turn making it a incredible mental challenge as well as physical, with zero visibility and temperatures well into single figures it was my lowest point of the week. The meagre 72.5km and 3500m took 7 hours and 40 minutes, showing how tough it actually was. Despite a bad day I had managed to move up to 9th position overall.

Day 5 was a long day, but I pushed hard and relished the tough riding, finishing the 91km and 4520m climbing in a time of 8 hours and 30 minutes. The day also included a short trip through a mine! 2.5km of pitch black mine shaft, where we needed a light to see where to go which was another experience I would never forget! I was the 2nd fastest through the mine section, just 20 seconds off the fastest time. I also moved up to 7th overall, continuing the slow but steady progression up the leader-board.

Day 6 was the big one; the one everyone was fearing. A long day with lots of climbing and the highest altitude of the event – Mount Chaberton. We reached the bottom of the climb having already covered a very tough 70km and now faced the 2000m climb to the top, at 3131m. Looking up from the bottom, the gun turrets from the WW2 fort were just visible yet it seemed an impossible challenge. I set off to challenge myself against the mountain and reached the top in 2 hours 41 minutes, but still had a long way until the day's finish at Sestriere. The massive day eventually took 9 hours 51 minutes, covering 111km and 4613m of climbing and had moved up again to 5th overall. The hardest day of riding I have ever done!

With just the final day to go, everyone left in the event was looking forward to a slightly easier day, yet it was still harder than almost every UK event I have done. After 5 hours, 4 minutes with 2968m we were greeted by the town of Sauze d'Oulz and I could finally relax, knowing I had finished the IronBike. Of the 140 starters, less than 50 people finished after 7 brutal days of riding I managed to hang on to 5th position. My first ever stage race, the hardest race in the World. I had survived and have some amazing memories to take from it.

Unlike many other riders I had absolutely no mechanical problems during the event, despite the terrain being the roughest and most challenging I have ever encountered. Sensible kit choices played a part, but the biggest factor was having Ben from Wiggle as a supporter for the entire event. He kept my bikes in perfect condition, allowing me to concentrate on recovering after each day's massive effort. To finish in 5th position in my first ever stage race, which also happens to be the hardest race in the World is a fantastic achievement and something that I am very proud of.

The next event for me is another stage race, although a little closer to home this time, Trans Wales where I am hoping for another top result.

howies blue

  • Posted by pete
  • 5 August 2011


Jade's new howies blue 'do.

Sample Sale

Looks like it will be busy in town this weekend as Cardigan prepares for the River & Food Festival tomorrow. The festival will be held at Cardigan's Quay Street car park situated on the River. The organisers are expecting around 8,000 people to drop by and indulge in the 70 food, drink and crafts on show.

Expect some well known chefs doing some cookery demos, there'll be live music, river events, children’s activities and street entertainment.

Oh - and across the bridge from the River and Food Festival, Cardigan shop is having a sample sale.

The warehouse team have been going through boxes and clearing out rails to put together some great stuff for you. Stuff we've used to measure. Stuff there's only 1 or 2 of. Stuff that never got made.

Limited edition stuff, if you like.

The kind of stuff that tends to go fast.

13.1 Miles

  • Posted by alex
  • 4 August 2011


A few of us have been talking about running the Cardiff half marathon today. Some of us have even got around to registering.

Keen to keep up the momentum, I hope to head out for a lunchtime run a couple of times a week in some loose form of 'training' for the 13.1 miles. I have yet to work out a plan on how I'll go from starting running on Monday to finishing what will be my 1st event, but I'm sure I'll get there.

A couple of us popped out to the lake for a run today. I'm still not quite keeping up with Ruben and the stills from the GoPro video might tell you why!

Today's 5km was shorter and easier than Monday's run but despite the slower pace and shorter distance, I was still edged out at the sprint finish. Come October, I hope I'll be able to give Ruben a run for his money... at lunchtime at least.

Gonz at Moma

  • Posted by tidy
  • 2 August 2011


Some lucky teens in NYC had the chance to attend a workshop at Moma recently with legend Mark Gonzales.

More here.


  • Posted by alex
  • 2 August 2011


Just came across Loki Longboards online.

Based in Devon, these guys are riding unwanted or disused antique furniture brought back to life as recycled timber longboards. Each board tells it's own story through the hand crafted wood decks. A piece of history in every one.

The guys even collaborate with riders to suit specific tastes, riding styles, timber preferences and source timbers (within reason) on request.

So before you break apart that old cabinet or bin an disused set of drawers, it could be worth a look at their range for some insight as to what they could be.

Big Push 2011

  • Posted by tidy
  • 2 August 2011


The Big Push is in full swing & our boy Chris Jones is putting in work for Nike SB.

follow the adventure here.

Lunch Breakout

  • Posted by alex
  • 1 August 2011

Believe it or not, it's summer out there.

Despite the rain and with the arrival of my new shoes, we decided it was time to hit the trail.

I'm new to running, so when given the choice, I optimistically opted for the 10km stairs route. I followed Ruben who set a punishing pace through the woods in a climb and fall over loose trail and slate, chasing the river. My new road shoes held despite the rain, it was simply my legs that couldn't keep up with the gate-hurdling Ruben.

My efforts eventually paid off, making it back to the office with a smile, and my shoes broken in.
Below is a short I've titled "Ruben kills Alex".

Note to self: Next time - Run harder. Run further. Keep up longer.

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