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Green Oil Agent Apple Degreaser

Powerful, natural degreasing gel with citrus and alcohol for deep cleaning without the petrochemicals and dirty smell.

For powerful degreasing of dirt and grime that starts working in minutes.

At a glance
- 200ml
- Extreme plant-based power degreaser
- Works within minutes
- Ideal for immersing products in
- Makes your components shiny again
- Biodegradable

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Fabric & Care
100% recyclable plastic bottle
Made in the UK

Use instructions
1. Remove the chain or other item to be degreased
2. Find a pot about the same size. For chains, use a flat wide container - like the bottom of the Eco Rider Deluxe set tub. Flatten the chain into a big spiral.
3. Pour Agent Apple over the item to be degreased.
4. Leave the item in Agent Apple for two hours. You can see it get to work within 10 minutes, breaking off grime.
5. Get a small old toothbrush and lightly scrub off any remaining bits of grease.
6. Thoroughly rinse the chain or other item with water, or even clean with bike cleaner and water then leave to dry before putting back on your bike.
Go get the fun.
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