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Green Oil Chain Clean

Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty. A clean chain with oil can be over 99% efficient.

Clean Chain is a degreasing gel, so it sticks to the chain for effective degreasing. Clean Chain degreaser is 100% Natural and biodegradable

At a glance
- 100ml
- Unique gel formula- easy to apply
- 100% natural ingredients
- Can be diluted to make
1 litre of Green Clean bike cleaner
- PTFE-free

"Eco-Cleaner that doesn't compromise on performance
We assumed this new, green bike cleaner might give us a warm feeling inside for doing ‘the right thing’ for the planet but wouldn’t actually get the dirt off the down tube. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it really works!." - Cycling Plus, 9/10.

"An eco-friendly equal to traditional degreasers...Simple, clean and very effective" - roadcc

Cycling Plus road cc 4 stars

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