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Green Oil Chain Lubricant

Green Oil chain lube was developed in 2007 and is the UK's (if not the World's) first biodegradable bike chain lube.

It lasts in excess of 100 miles on the chain per application (depending on conditions) and has won a wealth of awards from environmentalists and the bike industry alike.

At a glance
- 100ml
- Prevents rust
- Reduces wear
- All conditions lube
- Award winning performance
- PTFE-free

Good for you. Good for your bike. Good for the environment.

"The remarkable Green Oil turns in a reliable performance that's supported by an impeccable environmental pedigree." - WhatMTB

"A green lube that doesn't compromise on quality" - bikeradar.com

What MTB Gold Award

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Fabric & Care
100% recyclable plastic bottle
Made in the UK

Use instructions
1. Ensure the your bike is secure
2. Preferably clean (and dry) the chain. A wipe down with a rag is better than nothing.
3. Slowly turn the cranks backwards, applying Green Oil to the top part of the bottom half of the chain for one full length of the chain. Apply to the 'rollers', the cylinders on the chain.
5. Carefully spin the cranks a few times.
6. Wipe off excess from the outside of the chain with a rag. Its most important to have lube between the links of the chain, rather than on the outside.

NB. If you're riding through snow, we recommend not doing part 6, and putting two layers of Green Oil on, ensuring the whole chain is coated. Salt on the roads means you need extra protection, as salt causes rust- so lots and lots of chain oil is a good thing in these conditions. Generally though a thin layer is cleaner and more efficient.
Go get the fun.
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