Adventure is only a state of mind

Adventure is only a state of mind

Adventure is stretching yourself; mentally, physically or culturally. It is about doing what you do not normally do, pushing yourself hard and doing it to the best of your ability.
A new summit

A new summit

Sky running in North Wales
The 2012 Snowdon Race

Revolution Round 1 round-up

Revolution Round 1 round-up

"1. Don't crash. 2. Be in the front third"

  • howies is 18 years old today.

    9:32 AM - 9 Jun
  • Thunder, lightening and rain ended racing an hour early. So the beer flowed. http://t.co/XPfnDQPZDl

    10:14 PM - 8 Jun
  • Rain face. castellicycling http://t.co/PNikkkKit5

    5:24 PM - 8 Jun
  • It's just started to pour, and riders are carrying brollies. castellicycling http://t.co/WqOiPejg5X

    3:54 PM - 8 Jun
  • The day time squad just arrive with fresh legs and humour. castellicycling http://t.co/YE0z0iMCzm

    7:09 AM - 8 Jun
  • 9 hours of riding, 15 hours to go and the night shift team are beginning to show signs of wear and tear. @CastelliCycling

    4:43 AM - 8 Jun
  • It's dawn in feltre and the cocks are crowing.

    3:09 AM - 8 Jun
  • Ruben just broke a speedplay cleat in a pit crash but is struggling on for now. http://t.co/ht6iwBgKsv

    3:08 AM - 8 Jun
  • 5 of our riders have gone to bed. 5 on the night shift with a 19 lap per hour target. @CastelliCycling

    12:22 AM - 8 Jun
  • 24 hour changing room http://t.co/JkG2XX5psU

    10:55 PM - 7 Jun
  • It becomes real when you pin on the number. @castelliclothing http://t.co/v48tUqHJf7

    5:19 PM - 7 Jun
  • Kings of the cafe stop. #feltre24 http://t.co/xl13jNcI8W

    11:25 AM - 7 Jun
  • Off to warm up in the Dolomites. http://t.co/M5309f8Yvq

    10:09 AM - 7 Jun
  • Guess this is the gear problem. #weaklink http://t.co/DmgEoybUwd

    8:56 AM - 7 Jun
  • A late night espresso makes for a late night.

    12:12 AM - 7 Jun
  • Took us a litre of water, two tissues and 15 minutes to get a beetle out of Rubens eye. http://t.co/PnZBv7B2eI

    3:02 PM - 6 Jun
  • Cardigan sky's. http://t.co/JYSifYINsR

    6:47 PM - 5 Jun
  • Words of adventure. #microadventure http://t.co/zltWqMYckC

    4:22 PM - 5 Jun
  • Our women's #microadventure tee. Set up camp, light the fire, dinner then out come the toasting forks. http://t.co/o6SAaGwWxf

    4:10 PM - 5 Jun
  • Packing bikes in boxes to head off to race.

    2:51 PM - 5 Jun
  • Bikes = freedom New tee out this week. http://t.co/SoCnb8lZZn

    12:16 PM - 5 Jun
  • Our Etape shirts is great for work and play. http://t.co/vSXsBi4YAo

    4:21 PM - 4 Jun
  • Resting in retirement out the back of our local bike shop. http://t.co/d4XAuYifvn

    3:29 PM - 4 Jun
  • Planning a journey. Early satnav working perfectly. http://t.co/t4uRPhOka8

    11:48 AM - 4 Jun
  • The office is split over the best salted nut between almonds, peanuts and cashew. And we just had a last minute entry for pistachio.

    11:36 AM - 4 Jun
  • Tidy mike is making the screens to print new tees designs from @rebeccajkaye @AnthonyOram and @eveizaak, and #microadventure tees this week.

    11:32 AM - 4 Jun
  • Just had the most exciting wool meeting since we discovered merino in the late 90's. We're going to have a great new product in autumn

    11:14 AM - 4 Jun
  • Tidy, our tee printer, is back from holiday and crafting new tees. http://t.co/434pzvqHuf

    9:31 AM - 4 Jun
  • Trying to get a brake cable down a top tube and out the little hole in a hurry sure is frustrating.

    5:01 PM - 3 Jun
  • Improve cake cutting. http://t.co/L07RuO1VVI

    9:16 AM - 2 Jun
  • A shirt for all bicycles. http://t.co/q0kil246jn

    4:14 PM - 1 Jun
  • Women's towpath shorts. Get them on and take the bike somewhere filthy. http://t.co/QIqUlLKBp6

    10:38 AM - 1 Jun
  • Towpath trousers cut for activity. http://t.co/VLGlWgQXK8

    10:36 AM - 1 Jun
  • If #google supported @Hughsfishfight.. #illustration http://t.co/rtPED21o0t

    10:30 AM - 1 Jun
    • New T-Shirts for the weekend - http://www.howies.co.uk/mens/clothing/t-shirts.html

      4:58 PM - 4 Apr
    • We've put the story of our new font online with a video. howies.co.uk/castan

      12:02 PM - 20 Dec
    • A few people have been wondering how our new reflective Beemer shirt works. Here's a little demonstration of the 3M in action.


      2:39 PM - 22 Nov
    • Today is World Porridge Day. To celebrate, we've printed a fresh batch of our Porridge tees for Men: http://goo.gl/yNtylE and Women: http://goo.gl/vRGzBu

      9:23 AM - 10 Oct
    • Nowhere can be a hard place to find, but you'll know it when you get there.

      2:38 PM - 25 Sep
    • Based in Wales, we get our fair share of the weather.

      Which is why Pete and Hazel developed the Road Jean, made from water-repellent Epic Denim.

      Here's Josh, putting them through some rather thorough product testing.

      You can find out more about our Road Jean here: goo.gl/6ZxTM

      2:24 PM - 20 Sep
    • Enjoy your long weekend.

      4:15 PM - 23 Aug
    • Fresh styles. Made from authentic Broken Twill, as well as super comfy Powerstretch denim...

      Just what your legs have been waiting for.

      4:37 PM - 9 Aug
    • Now that the Tour De France is done and dusted, Mike will be hanging up his Tour T-Shirt squeegee on Monday.

      If you've been meaning to get one of our Tour themed tees, get your order in this weekend. Tick tock.

      1:59 PM - 26 Jul
    • It's been a busy week for Mike in the Printshop

      11:01 AM - 26 Jul
    • New designs, all printed by hand. Just in time for the rain.

      10:43 AM - 26 Jul
    • Al Humphreys has picked 3 winners from the Microadventure competition we ran with last month.

      While the competition may be over, we still think that anyone who breaks their daily routine to go somewhere new and spend a night in a bivvy bag with the sound of the sea or the wind in the trees, gains something every bit as worthwhile as any prizes.


      2:55 PM - 19 Jul