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Big Warmth Little Bulk

Our Norgay and Hillary Jackets are an exceptional low bulk outer layer that can be worn all year round, thanks to their lightweight HD Wool® insulation and their water and wind-resistant shell.

Developed and used exclusively by us with wool experts H. Dawson in Bradford, the thin HD Wool® insulation layer creates a breathable blanket of warmth that will keep you just as snug as a giant, puffy down jacket would, but without all that bulk and without the overheating they sometimes cause.

So you can pack away that old puffa jacket now. Better still, you could use it to lag the pipes in the attic this winter.

We wanted a low volume alternative to a feather fill for them, so we developed something thinner and more comfortable...

We call it:

It’s made from pure wool from British sheep...

...We borrow their brilliant wool...

... Then spin it and compact it, along with a top secret natural ingredient, until it resembles a wooly sponge

Which we use to insulate these

denim our way

We make jeans for a living. It puts the food on our table. And when you make something, you have a choice: Either you have to be cheaper than the other guy, or you have to be better. In our eyes, being better is a more worthwhile thing to chase after

Make it so it keeps doing what it was made for. Find out its weakest link and make it strong. That's why we use the toughest, meanest twine. It's why we make pockets that last as long as the jeans they inhabit. And why we triple stitch where everyone else just double stitches.

It's why our waistbands go un-bleached. And it's why we chain stitch hems for extra strength.

In a world of cheap, be the odd guy who believes in quality. Let’s make things that stick around for a long old time. Like they say, every company needs an enemy. In which case, let ours be the landfill.

Rain Doesn't Stop Play

Most cotton products don’t do rain. If you are caught in a sudden downpour, you’ll more than likely get soaked to your skin.

This, however, ain’t most cotton.You could say it looks like most cotton and it feels like most cotton, but it really is a bit special. If you get rained on in this, you’ll stay as dry as a bone. That’s because this is Epic cotton.

51 Patents So Far

Epic cotton is a rain-proof fabric that is unlike any other. Most water-resistant fabrics rely on coatings, laminates or Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments to provide water protection.These techniques involve dipping the woven fabric in a chemical bath to treat the whole surface, which often leaves them feeling a bit rigid and plastic-y.

To have a fabric that is both comfortable, yet still performs has kept those clever folk at Epic burning the midnight oil for years. But then one day, they had their Eureka moment. Ping. They had finally worked it out. And then quickly patented the whole process before someone else could work it out.

What they had discovered was a way to put each and every fibre through an encapsulation process individually so it keeps the overall fabric breathable.

That magic coating won’t wash off either, in fact, you can bung it in your machine with your regular wash. Which is great when you consider that coatings such as DWR gradually wear off each time the garment is washed.

So next time you get caught out in the rain you can watch those little raindrops bead right off. And you can’t say that about most cotton. But like we said, this ain’t most cotton.

designed by nature

What if we told you that we've developed a new, high-tech fabric that is the ultimate in performance sportswear? And what if we told you that it easily out-performs every other like-minded fabric out there, because of it's truly remarkable attributes?

What if we told you that it's capable of regulating your body temperature in all conditions? That it will insulate you when it's cold, yet keep you cool when it's hot? And what if we told you that it's the most breathable fabric in the world, able to wick moisture away from your skin so you stay dry? That it is designed to be the silkiest, smoothest, most comfortable fabric you will ever wear next to your skin? And that it is quiet, flame retardant, odour resistant and naturally antibacterial?

By now, you'd probably be wondering what kind of space age fabric this was.

But what if we told you this fabric was wool? Pure, simple wool, from a sheep. You'd be a bit surprised, wouldn't you?

The truth is, Merino wool is the perfect example of brilliant design by nature. Without us doing anything to it, Merino still beats anything man has tried to make to do the same job. And what if we tell you it's 100% natural, easily sustainable and completely biodegradable?

Then surely that makes it the most advanced fabric known to man. Or sheep.

Hand Printed In Cardigan Bay

T-shirts are the the first product that howies ever made. Since then, we've done hundreds of designs and they have continued to be close to our hearts. They are a great canvas for ideas, for how we think and what we believe.

And one thing you can be sure of when you buy one of our printed organic t-shirts, is that it was screen printed by hand in our own little printshop, here in Cardigan Bay.

Using an old-fashioned carousel, silk mesh screens and a bit of elbow grease, Tomos prints each and every one of them with the same level of skill, craftsmanship and respect for the end product as they deserve.

We are very proud of that.

the human body has no seams

The seamless circular knit technology used in this range means that these pieces are precision built to fit your body, just like your own skin. They provide a snug fit that will go virtually unnoticed as you wear it.

They are made on specialist machines capable of knitting yarn into a single continuous tube shape. This means we can make body panels in one piece, minimising the need for seams - seams that could potentially cause painful friction and chaffing on longer rides or runs.

say goodbye to chafed bits

The circular knitting machines are also capable of varying patterns in the fabric as they knit too. This means that we can have different weaves on the same panel and precisely tailor them to match specific parts of the body. For instance, we can integrate lighter breathable panels in sweatier areas like the underarms and back, or produce areas with more compression around hems and places where you need a tighter fit. We can now do all this without the need for separate panels, seams and stitching.

This makes a truly comfortable, formfitting garment with a minimalist design.
Just like us humans.

common sense cotton

We all think that cotton is one of the most natural things around – remember your old comfort blanket when you were a kid? Yeah, like that – all cosy and safe and familiar. The truth is it simply isn’t as ‘natural’ as we’d all like to think.

Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops grown by man, with a myriad of insecticides used on it during the growing process. And you can bet the shirt on your back that those nasty insecticides stay on that cotton for the whole time you wear it too. Common sense says that can’t be doing you any good.

That’s why, wherever possible, we use organic cotton – cotton grown without any of the nasty stuff — so you needn’t worry about anything bad rubbing off on you.

Now that’s comforting to know.

ventile. wear it out.

Ventile is no ordinary fabric.

Made with 100% cotton, densely woven from long staple cotton.

Indeed it takes 16 hours just to set up the machine with the necessary 24,000 strands of cotton that go to create Ventile.

It’s the combination of the dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet that provide such excellent weatherproofing.

It is a natural product that offers a softer, quieter hand feel, as well as being windproof and highly breathable, making it ideal for our climate. 

Also, when the sun comes out, because it’s just cotton,
Ventile also breathes really well – unlike other water-resistant fabrics, which can sometimes leave you a bit clammy when you warm up.

Ventile cotton has been around for a while too. It was invented in the 1940s, for use as pilots flying suits. It’s really hardwearing, meaning no matter what you throw at it, your Ventile jacket should last you 10 or 15 years. Probably more. And even if
you do snag it on something, a needle and thread can easily repair it.

So whatever you or the weather get up to, Ventile can take it. Today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.

Don't worry you won't get splinters

This underwear has been made from an amazing fibre called Modal. Modal is a natural material made from the humble Beech tree.

The fibres are ultra smooth, which makes the fabric feel softer than cotton. Unlike cotton it remains soft, wash after wash, as the soap scum has nothing to cling on to. It also doesn’t lose its colour. Oh, and wood also has natural hygienic properties and is resistant to shrinkage.

We used a fine circular knitting process when we made this underwear to make sure that there are no annoying seams.

The Modal fibre is made by an Austrian company called Lenzing. The beech trees are sustainably grown and the wood pulp is turned into fibre in a closed loop process, which uses up to twenty times less water than cotton production. Any waste is used for by-products.

Pretty impressive, huh? It makes other underwear seem like “pants”.


  • Grey Marl

    Stevie Modal Knickers

    Women's circular knitted Modal briefs. The most comfortable undercrackers we have ever made.

  • Blue Stripe

    Stevie Modal Knickers

    Women's circular knitted Modal briefs. The most comfortable undercrackers we have ever made.

  • Purple

    Stevie Modal Knickers

    Women's circular knitted Modal briefs. The most comfortable undercrackers we have ever made.

  • White

    Chrissie Modal Vest

    Women's seamlessly knitted Modal vest. Simple, classic and incredibly comfortable.

    Regular Price: £19.00 /

    Special Price: £9.00

  • Blue Yonder

    Chrissie Modal Vest

    Women's seamlessly knitted Modal vest. Simple, classic and incredibly comfortable.

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