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We are howies, a small active clothing company
based in West Wales.

We make men’s and women’s clothing for the sports we love – biking, running and the outdoors, as well as for
our day to day lives.

We believe in a thing called quality. We believe that making a product which lasts longer is better for the environment.

And we believe in making our stuff in a low impact way.
So our t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are made from organic cotton and no silly stuff.

After all, that just seems like common sense to us.

We hate having our picture taken, so we did
these self portraits instead.


Head of lots of things, The Ginger Ninja.
Known for his swanee whistle
skills, devilishly fast cycling legs
and acclaimed victory in the 2013
Father’s Egg & Spoon sportsday race.


Head Of Finance and mental arithmetic.
Nathan mixes his own breakfast cereal
and doesn’t want to know how Twitter
works. Often found asleep at his desk.
Can eat 5 fresh cream eclairs in one go.


Heads up our Customer Services Dept.
She puts wrongs right, answers your
questions and keeps everyone happy.
Noise frequency: 1012 MHz at 140 Db
(equal to that of a pneumatic drill)


Garment Technologist. Production
Queen. Strikes terror in the hearts of
factory owners worldwide. Wise owl.
Secretly a very talented cartoonist.



Head of turning it off and on again.
Looks after the website and
likes hates running.

paul w

Paul W
Drinks a gallon of H2O a day. Gaunter. Likes the devil in the detail. Confirms with a Huh! Cyclist. Menswear designer.


Head Of Creative Dept.
Trainer collector. Easily distracte


Samples fabric with small snips, shapes silhouettes, hunter of hand feel, the law on layering. Known to leap into cold water. Women’s wear designer.


AKA “The Nose”. Hobbies include
breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tom prints all of our tees and is the most accident prone
person here. 19 broken bones so far.