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Green Oil Degreaser Jelly

Clean Chain degreaser makes chain cleaning easy.
Put it on your chain. Spin the cranks for a few seconds.
Rub it off with a dry rag, then repeat with a wet rag or brush. Then rinse.
One bottle does 7 - 10 chains.

One bottle can also make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner - just mix with 900ml of water.

At a glance
- Made in the UK
- 100ml
- Degreasing gel
- Easy to apply to chain
- Makes 1 litre cleaner
- Plant based
- Sticks to your chain, scrub it off to clean


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Fabric & Care
100% recyclable plastic bottle
Made in the UK

Use instructions
1. Ensure the your bike is secure
2. With the cap on, shake the bottle vigorously upside down.
3. Preferably clean the chain first, and ensure its dry. (A wipe down with a rag is better than nothing.)
4. Squeeze the bottle gently to apply White to the top part of the bottom half of the chain, applying to the 'rollers' for one length of the chain.
5. Turn the cranks back for one chain circulation, and leave to dry for 7 minutes. (This is especially important if its raining).
6. You are ready to ride. Alternatively, for a super clean chain, wipe off excess by running the chain once through a rag.
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