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These are no ordinary jackets. They were born out of a desire to make equipment that lasts longer (not many companies care about that these days). These jackets, with normal wear and tear, should last for a good 10-15 years. That’s because they're made from Ventile, a 100% cotton product densely woven from long staple cotton. Indeed, it takes 16 hours just to set up the machine with the necessary 24,000 strands of cotton that go into creating Ventile.

Developed for use during World War 2, it was used in pilot’s flying suits, as well as by climbers and made the tents forthe early arctic expeditions. Ventile protects from wind, rain, sleet and snow thanks to its combination of dense cotton weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet. It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique feel as well as being durable and highly breathable.