Green Oil Dry Wax

Green oil's dry alternative to chain lube. Lubricates your chain, reducing friction letting you go faster and have a smoother gear changes without leaving any oily marks on your trouser leg.

Simply put White on your chain, let it dry, and it leaves a dry lubricating film on the chain. Great for Brompton and other folding bikes - where you're more likely to get oily whilst folding it up.

At a glance
- Made in the UK
- For road bikes, triathlon, fixies and dry trails
- Lubricates without oil
- Reduces chain wear
- PTFE-free

"Green Oil products are green but not necessarily oily, with this chain wax offering a tough alternative for protecting bike parts in the worst weather" - 220 Triathlon

"Comparable to leading chain waxes, but also eco-friendly so ticks all the boxes." - Shred Magazine

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