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Rain Doesn't Stop Play

Most cotton products don’t do rain. If you are caught in a sudden downpour, you’ll more than likely get soaked to your skin.

This, however, ain’t most cotton. You could say it looks like most cotton and it feels like most cotton, but it really is a bit special. If you get rained on in this, you’ll stay as dry as a bone. That’s because this is Epic cotton.

51 Patents So Far

Epic cotton is a rain-proof fabric that is unlike any other. Most water-resistant fabrics rely on coatings, laminates or Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments to provide water protection.These techniques involve dipping the woven fabric in a chemical bath to treat the whole surface, which often leaves them feeling a bit rigid and plasticy.

To have a fabric that is both comfortable, yet still performs has kept those clever folk at Epic burning the midnight oil for years. But then one day, they had their Eureka moment. Ping. They had finally worked it out. And then quickly patented the whole process before someone else could work it out.

What they had discovered was a way to put each and every fibre through an encapsulation process individually so it keeps the overall fabric breathable.

That magic coating won’t wash off either, in fact, you can throw it in your machine with your regular wash. Which is great when you consider that coatings such as DWR gradually wear off each time the garment is washed.

So next time you get caught out in the rain you can watch those little raindrops bead right off. And you can’t say that about most cotton. But like we said, this ain’t most cotton.

Epic Cotton: Rain Don't Stop Play howies Epic Denim Jeans Rain Clouds That magic coating won't wash off either Each fibre is encapsulated in a silicone polymer