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Your Down Jacket Has  A

The feather fill is a bit bulky

Which is fine for advertising car tyres, or lagging your water pipes...


But we’ve developed something thinner and more comfortable to fill our new wadded jackets...

It's called:

Bottle Bin

It’s made from pure wool (from sheep)

Sheep's Wool

We borrow their brilliant wool

We borrow their wool

Then spin it and compact it, until it resembles a wooly sponge

And turn it into a woolly sponge

Which we use to insulate our

Amazing Jackets

Our Norgay and Hillary Jackets are an exceptional low bulk outer layer that can be worn all year round, thanks to their lightweight HD Wool® insulation and their water and wind-resistant shell.

Developed and used exclusively by us with wool experts H. Dawson in Bradford, the thin HD Wool® insulation layer creates a breathable blanket of warmth that will keep you just as snug as a giant, puffy down jacket would, but without all that bulk and without the overheating they sometimes cause.

So you can pack away that old puffa jacket now. Better still, you could use it to stop those pipes from freezing.

Men's Norgay Jacket

Men's Norgay HDWool® Insulated Jacket


Women's Hillary Jacket

Women's Hillary HDWool® Insulated Jacket