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We make sustainable clothing to meet your everyday needs. Using natural and performance fabrics, our clothes are made to keep doing what they were designed to do for as long as possible. That means using the highest quality fabrics and working with the best factories. So when you’re out doing your thing there’s one less thing to go wrong.

Our t-shirts are designed to make people think, we use them as a canvas for our ideas. We work with the best artists and illustrators from around the world to produce original designs that comment and inform about what’s going on around us.

All our designs are handprinted in Wales on our own premium 100% organic cotton t-shirt.

In a world of mass-produced disposable crap, too many of the products we consume live and die in a flash. So it's good to know that some things are still built to last. Like a pair of howies jeans.

Tried, tested and perfected over the years, howies jeans strike the balance between simplicity and functionality. They are made using the best sustainable denims sourced from artisan mills all over the world, then beautifully finished using chainstitched hems, reinforced pocket bags and rivets or bar tacks at key stress points for extra durability. Our jeans get better and better as you wear them in.

Merino is nature’s performance fabric; a renewable fibre that feels great on. Its fibres are so fine they trap tiny pockets of air that keep you warm. Merino can regulate your temperature by moving heat and sweat away from your body so you don’t get clammy or overheat.

On top of that, this clever wool has uneven microscopic scales that bacteria find almost impossible to grab hold of, making Merino wool naturally antimicrobial and completely stink-free, naturally.

Introducing our first ever swimwear capsule collection

A trio of sporty swim and surf pieces made using recycled fibres, flattering silhouettes with a little extra support built in. The set includes a tankini vest top, a bandeau bikini top and a pair of full brief bikini bottoms.