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Merino Information page


This is the Merino sheep. His wool makes just about the best active clothing you can buy. Way, way more effective than man-made synthetics like polyester. Which is why everyone at howies swears by wearing Merino during sport.


The Merinos live high up where the climate fluctuates from an icy cold -20˚c during the winter months, to a searingly hot 35˚c in the summer. And because of these extremes in climate, the Merino has evolved a remarkable wool, capable of regulating his body temperature in and keeping him alive all seasons. We request only non-mulesed Merino wool from our suppliers for our base layers. We don't want to contribute to 'that sort of thing’.



That means in the summer his wool breathes like crazy, transporting heat and moisture away from his skin, keeping him cool and comfortable. Yet, in the winter, that same wool traps a pocket of air around his body, insulating him from the cold. It’s a perfect example of brilliant design by nature.



That clever wool will do the same for your body when you wear it too, managing your temperature during changing conditions. When you are cold it will keep you warm. Then, as you warm up, its quick-wicking properties kick in, drawing perspiration away from your skin and out into the atmosphere, meaning you’ll never overheat.

On top of that, there’s virtually no stink, no itch, no creasing, it’s easily washable, it’s sustainable, biodegradable and 100% natural. We just wish we’d thought of it first.