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Designed by nature. Merino Wool.

What if we told you that we've developed a new high-tech fabric that is the ultimate in performance sportswear? And what if we told you that it easily out-performs every other like-minded fabric out there, because of it's truly remarkable attributes?

What if we told you that it's capable of regulating your body temperature in all conditions? That it will insulate you when it's cold, yet keep you cool when it's hot? And what if we told you that it's the most breathable fabric in the world, able to wick moisture away from your skin so you stay dry? That is designed to be the silkiest, smoothest, most comfortable fabric you will ever wear next to your skin? And that is quiet, flame retardant odour resistant and naturally antibacterial?

By now, you'd probably be wondering what kind of space age fabric this was.

But what if we told you fabric was wool? Pure, simple wool from a sheep. You'd be a bit suprised, wouldn't you?

Merino Base Layers

The truth is, Merino wool is the perfect example of brilliant design by nature. Without us doing anything to it, Merino still beats anything man has tried to make to do the same job. And what if we tell you it's 100% natural, easily sustainable and completely biodegradable?

Then surely that makes it the most advanced fabric known to man. Or sheep.

Merino Base Layers