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Denim. Our way.

We make organic jeans for a living. It puts the food on our table. And when you make something, you have a choice: Either you have to be cheaper than the other guy, or you have to be better. In our eyes, being better is a more worthwhile thing to chase after.

Make it so it keeps doing what it was made for. Find out its weakest link and make it strong. That's why we use the toughest, meanest twine. It's why we make pockets that last as long as the jeans they inhabit. And why we triple stitch where everyone else just double stitches.

It's why our waistbands go un-bleached. And it's why we chain stitch hems for extra strength.

In a world of cheap, be the odd guy who believes in quality. Let’s make things that stick around for a long old time. Like they say, every company needs an enemy. In which case, let ours be the landfill.

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