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The Human Body Has No Seams

The seamless circular knit technology used in this range means that these pieces are precision built to fit your body, just like your own skin. They provide a snug fit that will go virtually unnoticed as you wear it.

They are made on specialist machines capable of knitting yarn into a single continuous tube shape. This means we can make body panels in one piece, minimizing the need for seams - seams that could potentially cause painful friction and chaffing on longer rides or runs.

Say goodbye to chafed bits

The circular knitting machines are also capable of varying patterns in the fabric as they knit too. This means that we can have different weaves on the same panel and precisely tailor them to match specific parts of the body. For instance, we can integrate lighter breathable panels in sweatier areas like the underarms and back, or produce areas with more compression around hems and places where you need a tighter fit. We can now do all this without the need for separate panels, seams and stitching.

This makes a truly comfortable, formfitting garment with a minimalist design. Just like us humans.

howies Team Cycle Jersey howies Seamless Cycle Jersey Lighter breathable panels in sweatier areas we make body panels in one piece, minimising the need for seams Minimised semas. Seams that could cause potentially chafing Snug fit that'll go virtually unnoticed while as wear it